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Reaping the Rewards of Hard Work at Harvest

by Nicole Picker on September 06, 2016

I was woken up this morning to the sounds of the tractor in the vineyard and the smell of moist soil after last night’s thunderstorm.  I couldn’t help but be excited as it felt like a harvest morning.  Harvest in Amador County is this special time of year when we get to create the newest vintage.  We watch the grapes change from green to purple.  We feel the air go from the heat of summer to the chill of fall.  We spend week after week tasting, testing and monitoring the grapes waiting for that perfect time when the grapes are ready to tell their story.


There is something so indescribably magical about harvest.  Don’t get me wrong, life during harvest is also the most physically and mentally exhausting part of winemaking.  Yes, it sometimes means day after day of long hours that sometimes run into weeks without a day off.  Yes, it means that we spend less time with our spouse and family then we would like.  However, harvest is a time when we get to really connect to our product.  We get to see the story that nature has written for the vintage in the grape.  As the grapes start to arrive this sense of excitement fills your body and you can’t help but feel energized for what is to come.


This year has been very interesting as it has been a cooler year then we have seen in awhile which could mean an excellent vintage for us this year, but then again every vintage is “going to be a great vintage.”  The next few months hold long days filled with grapes and pump overs.  It also holds special moments over pizza and a pint.  There will be days when everybody is exhausted and sore but we will push on because we love what we do.


We are so very lucky to have careers that allow us to have the beautiful vineyard as our office and the fresh air instead of air conditioning.  The most precious part of all of the crazy that surrounds harvest is after the wine is laid down to age and put into the bottle we get to share it with you.  This job allows us the privilege to share our passion for wine and hard work with other people in such a pure and unique way.  Cheers to Harvest 2016!

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